Laundry baskets

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Laundry bag 35 l, stackable, light grey, Brabantia BRAB120428
Laundry bag 55 l, dark green, Brabantia
40,49 €
Laundry bag 75 l, light grey, Eva Solo
99,95 €
Laundry bag BEAR 70 l, beige, 3 Sprouts
27,90 €
Laundry bag DEER 70 l, beige, 3 Sprouts
27,90 €
Laundry bag FRISCO 65 l, anthracite, Blomus BM65384
Laundry bag FRISCO 65 l, black, Blomus
101,95 €
Laundry bag FRISCO 65 l, dusty rose, Blomus BM69257
Laundry bag FRISCO 65 l, taupe, Blomus
101,95 €
Laundry bag FRISCO LOUNGE 65 l, steel grey, Blomus BM69255
Laundry bag FRISCO, 65 l, silver grey, Blomus BM65387
Laundry basket 35 l, stackable, green, Brabantia BRAB120466
Laundry basket 40 l, foldable, Brabantia
44,49 €
Laundry basket 55 l, light grey, Brabantia BRAB120367
Laundry basket, foldable, grey, Brabantia BRAB105685
Laundry bin 35 l, with cork lid, black, Brabantia BRAB120008
Laundry bin 35 l, with cork lid, white, Brabantia BRAB104367
Laundry bin 35 l, with plastic lid, white, Brabantia BRAB304866
Laundry bin 60 l, with cork lid, black, Brabantia BRAB120022
Laundry bin 60 l, with cork lid, white, Brabantia BRAB104404
Laundry bin BO 2 x 45 l, black, Brabantia BRAB200564
Laundry bin BO 2 x 45 l, white, Brabantia BRAB200540
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Laundry baskets – stylish helpers in your every day home chores

Laundry baskets are a must in any bathroom or clothing room since they hold dirty laundry until wash day. These bags and baskets not only help you organise your laundry and keep your space clean but may also provide an aesthetic element to your room.

There's no doubt that a laundry basket is a rather vital home object, especially if you have a family. It may not seem like the most thrilling item, though. Laundry baskets available in Kulina look amazing and they can become a decoration of your interior.

How should I set up my laundry?

One laundry hamper that has adequate room to keep all of the laundry may not be sufficient. You may want to divide your laundry into different categories in order to wash them by colour, separate sports clothes from your work clothing or prioritize which wash to complete first.

If doing this seems like something you would want to do on a regular basis, you might want to think about getting a set of two or three smaller laundry baskets in different colours.

What do I look for when buying a laundry basket?

Two of the most important factors to consider while buying a laundry basket are listed below. For your convenience, Kulina has a fantastic selection of laundry baskets from well-known manufacturers like Brabantia and Blomus.

  • Size

There are many different types of laundry baskets available, some of which are tall and slim and others which are short and broad. Consider the size of the laundry basket in relation to the storage location. Measure the area to make sure it will fit, whether it is a closet or a corner of your bedroom or bathroom.

  • Size of the opening

You may want to choose a laundry bin with a small round opening or an open basket which makes it easier to put garments in but also makes your dirty clothing to be visible all the time.

  • Material

A range of materials, including cotton, linen, stainless steel or plastic are available for laundry baskets. Your choice of material for the basket will mostly rely on which materials you prefer and which style of the bin best matches your interior.