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Everything in red shades for the heart of your home

Kitchen is the heart of every home. A place for family and closest friends, and a place where memories spiced with love are created. And it is no coincidence that red is the favorite color of kitchen appliances and accessories. It brightens up the space and gives home the feeling of homeliness. You can choose from a wide variety of red shades - from deep crimson, ruby ​​and burgundy to more fiery shades of chilli and scarlet. Red is one of KitchenAid's iconic attributes. KitchenAid's kitchen mixers, kettles and toasters have beed decorating homes for years now.

Červené doplňky v moderní kuchyni

Modern interior with red accents

Modern minimalist kitchens in white, black or grey look great when brightened up with red accessories. They match kitchen elements made from concrete, and even if they have the retro look, they still go well with the sharp edges and industrial style of the kitchen.

Červené doplňky v dřevěné kuchyni

Wood and red

On the other hand, red accessories will add a modern character to a rustic kitchen and brighten up an interior dominated by wood. If you are an owner of a kitchen in which wood dominates, don't be afraid of red.

Červený hmoždíř

Don't hide it

It is not a coincidence that in French kitchens you can often see open shelves and dishes hanging on hooks. Copper cookware and solid ceramic dishes are everyday treasures passed down from generation to generation in French families. It would be a pity to hide a beautiful cake mould or a mortar in the cupboard. Such products are to be seen and give pleasure not only while cooking.


Červená svíčka

Kindle a flame

What makes the house magical, especially on cold and rainy days, is the warm light. Candlelight brings a unique atmosphere, and a beautiful candle will decorate the interior even during the day. Candles have a wick that crackles as it burns, giving an illusion of the real fireplace.

Sklenice na červené víno

Romantic evening

You are not a great fan of red? Open the bottle of red wine and enjoy its taste and colour as much as you can. Using a decanter is not a waste of time. A decanter will aerate your wine and release the its full taste and aroma. Choose from practical wine carafes or dishes that look like works of art made by glass masters. And don't forget about proper glasses, that will make your evening even better.

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