No-bake blueberry cake by Kristina Nemčková

No bake blueberry cake


Try this recipe by Kristíny Nemčková Masterchef Czech 2019. This blueberry cake is light, fresh and full of vitamins. Its preparation won't take much time, but it is necessary to remember that it should solidify in the refrigerator overnight. Blueberries - the so-called superfoods -are not heat treated to preserve as many vitamins as possible. You can make this cake from other fruits, such as raspberries, and blackberries, or even from exotic fruits like mango or passion fruit.

No-bake blueberry cake

■ preparation 30 minutes + solidify until the next day in the refrigerator
■ 10-12 portions


For biscuit base (cake pan Ø26 cm)
250 g chocolate biscuits
100 g butter
1 packet of vanilla sugar
4 spoons of honey (or sugar)

For the cream
500 g fresh or frozen blueberries
250 ml whipping cream
250 ml fatty soft cottage cheese
250 ml sour cream (Creme Fraiche would be the best)
200 g cream cheese (Philadelphia or mascarpone)
2 packets of vanilla sugar
powdered sugar to taste
juice of 1/2 lemon
10-12 gelatine sheets

For whipped cream
250 ml whipping cream
100 g cream cheese
sugar to taste
juice of 1/2 lemon

To decorate
fresh blueberries


■ Finely blend the chocolate biscuits in a powerful blender and mix in the softened butter, vanilla sugar and honey. Prepare a cake tin with a diameter of 26 cm, grease it with butter and line it with baking paper, including the sides. Press the biscuit mixture evenly on the bottom of the mold and put it in the fridge to harden.

■ In a bowl, mix cream cheese, cottage cheese, sour cream, vanilla sugar and finely grated zest from 1/2 lemon. For grating the peel, Kristína recommends Microplane classic zest grater - "it's simply the best :)". Sweeten the cream with sugar according to how sweet the blueberries are. In a separate bowl, whip the cream until stiff and gradually work it into the curd cream with a spatula.  Put the cream in the fridge and prepare the blueberries.

■ Wash the fresh blueberries, clean them from the stalks and blend them into the smoothest possible puree. If you don't have a really powerful blender, strain the mixture through a sieve and remove the fruit skins from the puree.

■ Soak the gelatin sheets in a bowl with mildly cold water and let them swell for a few minutes. Pour the blended blueberry puree into a saucepan and heat on the stove (do not boil!). Remove the puree from the heat, add the squeezed, swollen gelatin and stir with a wooden spoon until the gelatin is completely dissolved in the puree. Take the cream out of the fridge and mix 3-4 tablespoons of the cream into the blueberry puree. This will cool down the puree, the temperature of the puree will slightly equal the temperature of the cream, and then you can gradually mix the blueberry puree into the cream with a hand mixer. Taste the finished cream and, if necessary, season with powdered sugar, you can also add a few drops of lemon juice.
Note: 1 package of gelatin usually contains 6 sheets and this is enough for 500 ml of cream. For this cake, you will need 10-12 sheets of gelatin.

■ Pour the finished cream into the mould with the biscuit base and put it in the fridge to harden, preferably until the next day.

■ The next day, decorate the cake with whipped cream mixed with cream cheese, flavoured with lemon juice and sugar and put fresh blueberries on top. Or just decorate the cake with fresh blueberries.

The author of the recipe: Kristína Nemčková - Masterchef Czech 2019, Winner

No bake blueberry cake



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