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The Classic Ikon Chef's Knife is a sturdy, heavy knife with a wide blade with a fine yet durable edge. An all-rounder for professionals and hobby cooks that cleans vegetables but also chops herbs or chops.

Detailed information

Product detailed description

The Classic Ikon Chef's Knife is a sturdy, heavy knife with a wide blade with a fine yet durable edge. An all-rounder for professionals and hobby cooks that cleans vegetables but also chops herbs or chops.

Classic Ikon series

  • Elegant forged knives of high quality made in Solingen
  • For professional chefs and kitchen enthusiasts
  • Black handle made of special synthetic material
  • Ergonomic, pleasant to the touch, with three rivets
  • Stainless steel application with logo on the heel of the handle
  • Top German alloy steel X50CrMoV15 used
  • Extraordinary blade that is easy to maintain
  • Hardness 58 HRC Rockwell scale
  • Special computer-controlled PEtec grinding process
  • Precision hand honing and polishing for a perfect edge
  • Strict continuous quality control, blade checked by laser
  • Shortened guard shape allows the entire blade to be used and easier sharpening
  • Smooth transition between fitting and handle
  • Easy hygienic attachment of the knife handles
  • Knives can be washed in the dishwasher - however, hand washing is recommended
  • Extended warranty against manufacturing and material defects for 15 years
  • The series has received the distinguished NSF seal of quality and hygiene in the USA

WÜSTHOF, these are high quality knives made with great care down to the last detail. Exactly as expected from Solingen knives. The elegant Classic Ikon knife series, whose blades are forged from a single piece of alloyed X50CrMoV15 stainless steel, impresses with its dynamic shape, quality of workmanship and consequently high comfort of use.

The Classic Ikon knife handle is made of durable synthetic material in black. It meets the requirements in terms of ergonomics, and from an aesthetic point of view, it sensitively combines modern design and the typical look of a handle with three rivets. The durable handle material can withstand dishwasher cleaning, but we recommend hand washing to maintain the quality of the blade, which is preferable for quality knives.

The special computer-controlled WÜSTHOF knife sharpening process is used to keep the knives perfectly sharp. The computer uses a laser to measure the blade and gives the robot the information it needs to sharpen it perfectly. Computer supporting manufacturing thus gives the knives an extremely high initial cutting performance (along the entire length of the blade) and a long service life. The quality of the blade is high and more importantly, easily renewable.

Last but not least, we must mention the important NSF certificate that the Classic Ikon series has received in the USA. NSF's goal is to protect public health and the environment. It certifies among other things kitchen equipment including knives that are not harmful to human health. The product is also tested for design, material safety and use. You will find the NSF logo on products that are produced in an environmentally friendly way and do not unnecessarily burden the environment.

Technologies and materials used

WÜSTHOF knives are manufactured using the high-quality German steel X50CrMoV15 which has approx. 0.5 percent carbon and the alloying elements chromium, molybdenum and vanadium. Thanks to the added chromium it is corrosion-resistant which is desirable for kitchen knives.

Precise blades are formed from a steel strip by forging in the die. These are hardened for 15 minutes at 1070 °C and then rapidly cooled to 60 °C in two minutes. Subsequent tempering (a process of slowly heating the material to 200 °C for 45 minutes) relieves the blade of internal stresses and stabilises its martensitic structure. This gives the blade the optimum required hardness of 58° Rockwell and higher toughness.

A special WÜSTHOF knife sharpening process called PEtec (Precision Edge Technology) ensures the ideal cutting angle. It is a top-class technology where knives are sharpened by robots that are controlled and monitored by computers. The advantage of this process is the precise geometry along the entire length of the blade, the remarkable and extremely high initial cutting performance of the knife comparable to a razor sharp blade and last but not least the long life of the blade.

The stable blade and the perfect geometry of the blade deliver exceptional cutting performance and precise control in the cut. The sharp angle provides even more sharpness, which makes slicing more enjoyable. Thanks to the wedge-shaped cut, the knife penetrates food effortlessly.

Crossguard is integrated as part of the blade from a single piece of steel. Ensures correct weight distribution and ensures precise and safe knife control. The fitting on the guard of the Classic Ikon knives smoothly transitions to the top of the ricasso for an even more comfortable grip.

The ergonomic handle is made of a durable synthetic material that is shatterproof, impact-resistant or resistant to food acids. It is dishwasher safe. The handles are attached to the tang by three rivets. The perfect bonding of the individual parts prevents the trapping of deposits and bacteria, so the knives meet hygiene standards.

Knife sharpening WÜSTHOF

Every knife needs to be sharpened from time to time, as it becomes dull after prolonged use. To maintain and revive the blade, we use chrome-plated sharpening steeland recommend WÜSTHOF sharpening stones. For the less experienced, we also offer grinders with easier operation. Simply run the blade gently through the grinding groove a few times and the blade will be restored.

Ed. Wüsthof Dreizackwerk KG company was founded in Solingen as early as 1814 and during its 200 years of existence, seven generations of the Wüsthof family have been in charge. It boasts some of the most advanced, highly automated manufacturing processes in the world. For example, in the production of knives in nearly 40 steps, it uses 100 robots.

Today WÜSTHOF knives are sold in more than 80 countries around the world. The usage of high-end materials and modern computer-controlled technologies make them convenient to use and prepare food. A culinary delight itself.

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Category: Chef's knives
Warranty: 2 years
Weight: 0.28 kg
Size: 20 cm
Blade length: 20 cm
Product info: Dishwasher safe
Product type: Kitchen knife
Collection: WÜSTHOF Classic Ikon
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