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Adhesive set 2FIX, Blomus
Adhesive set 2FIX, Blomus
In stock (4 pcs)
11,17 €
Ashtray MARY, Blomus
Ashtray MARY, Blomus
In stock (1 pcs)
44,83 €
Ashtray PATTY, Blomus
Ashtray PATTY, Blomus
In stock (24 pcs)
24,43 €
Coat hook JUSTO, matt stainless steel, Blomus BM63260
Coat hook PONTO, set of 4 pcs, grey, Blomus BM65800
Coat hook PONTO, set of 4 pcs, white, Blomus BM65798
Console Table FERA 85 cm, grey, steel, Blomus BM65986
Console Table FERA 85 cm, white, steel, Blomus BM66200
Desk lamp STAGE S, LED, taupe, Blomus
229 €
Desk lamp STAGE S, LED, warm grey, Blomus BM66182
Desk lamp STAGE S, LED, white, Blomus
229 €
Door stopper ENTRA 8 cm, wall-mounted, Blomus BM65354
Door stopper ENTRA, wall-mounted, 4 cm, Blomus BM65353
Door Stopper STOP, 1 kg, Blomus
53,55 €
Door stopper STOP, 2 kg, Blomus
68,85 €
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✓ Stylish and practical Blomus accessories for the home
✓ Perfect design, practicality and elegance in every product
✓ Clocks, hooks, mirrors, coasters, fireplace tools...
✓ German brand Blomus - the leader in its field

The premium German brand Blomus offers a wide range of design and practical accessories for the home and apartment. These include various wall clocks, hooks, house numbers and signs, mirrors, fireplace tools, tissue boxes and much more.

The German brand Blomus is a leader in the field of interior accessories in high quality, and with a long service life. In its range you will find a wide selection of practical and timeless products for the home and garden. The products have a style that is recognisable at first glance and win many major awards every year for their minimalist and timeless design.

Looking for the perfect accessories to accentuate your home or apartment? Look no further, because the exclusive collection of home and apartment accessories from Blomus is here for you. From stylish and functional items to elegant decorative pieces, Blomus offers a wide range of products to complement your living space.

Blomus recognises the importance of details in creating a harmonious and pleasant atmosphere. That's why our collection includes a variety of accessories designed to add both beauty and functionality to your home. Whether you need storage solutions, decorative elements or practical tools, Blomus has a solution for you.

Discover our collection of modern and elegant bathroom accessories, including towel holders, soap dispensers and toothbrush holders. Brighten up your kitchen with our stylish and practical kitchen accessories such as chopping boards, spice holders and wine openers. Create a cosy and welcoming living room with our decorative candle holders, vases and photo frames. And don't forget to explore our outdoor accessories, including planters, lanterns and garden tools to enhance your outdoor space.

Blomus products are known for their high-quality materials, impeccable craftsmanship and timeless design. Each accessory is carefully selected to meet the highest standards of both aesthetics and functionality. With Blomus, you can count on investing in durable and long-lasting pieces that will enhance your home for years to come.

Whether you have a modern, minimalist or classic interior, Blomus accessories will seamlessly match and enhance the overall look of your space. With their clean lines, modern finishes and meticulous craftsmanship, our products are designed to enhance the aesthetics of your home.

So why hesitate? Browse our collection of accessories for apartments and homes today and find the right pieces to transform your living space. With Blomus, you can create a home that reflects your personal style and provides the perfect balance between beauty and functionality.