Wok MINERAL B 40 cm, steel, de Buyer

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Wok MINERAL B 40 cm, steel, de Buyer
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The Mineral B Element WOK pan from De Buyer with a diameter of 40 cm is made of 100% natural material that is environmentally friendly and recyclable and does not contain any artificial substances such as PFOA or PTFE or any chemicals.

The WOK pan is made of iron and can be used even at very high temperatures, so that the food is quickly reheated and no vitamins or nutrients are lost. The surface of the pan is coated with beeswax, which prevents its oxidation and ensures its non-stick. The pan "matures", i.e. its non-stick properties improve the longer you use it. It can also be used in the oven up to 200°C, it is not dishwasher safe.

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The WOK pan from the French manufacturer De Buyer has a bottom diameter of 11.5 cm and a long curved French-style handle, plus a handle for easy handling. The pan is made of high quality iron, which conducts heat perfectly and makes food preparation fast and economical.

Mineral B Element pans do not contain any artificial substances such as PFOA or PTFE or any chemicals. The production of these pans is environmentally friendly. The pans are eco-friendly and recyclable. The iron molecules from the pan are beneficial to health, the pans can be used at very high temperatures, at which the prepared food will retract very quickly and there will be no leakage of vitamins or nutrients.

The longer you use the pan, the better its non-stick properties. This 'pan ripening' is manifested by the blackening of the surface. DeBuyer pans have excellent thermal conductivity, are robust and have a very long service life. You can use the wok on induction and on all types of cookers. The handle is temperature-resistant up to 200 °C for a maximum of 10 minutes. It is not dishwasher safe and the pan requires special care to preserve its unique properties.

Note: Use the pan only on a burner/plate that matches the diameter of the bottom of the pan. And before using it for the first time, read the instructions and practical advice in this description to learn how to care for the pan properly.


Diameter: 40 cm

Bottom diameter: 11,5 cm

Height: 10,4 cm

Length: 60.9 cm (including handle)

Bottom thickness: 2 mm

Weight: 2.75 kg

Material: iron, special non-stick coating



The material is 100% natural, eco-friendly and recyclable.

Mineral B Element pans do not contain any artificial substances or chemicals.

The possibility of using at high temperatures allows for fast cooking and thus preservation of vitamins and healthy substances in the food.

The longer you use the pan, the better its non-stick properties. (blackening is a sign of maturation, it is not an undesirable effect)

Handle for easy handling of the pan and for convenient carrying.


The pan is very heavy, but this is balanced by the quality of the material used.

The pan requires special care to preserve its excellent properties.


Suitable for gas, electric, ceramic and induction cookers

Oven-safe: YES, but handle only up to 200°C for a maximum of 10 minutes!

Dishwasher safe: NO


The pan looks scratched:

The de Buyer pans are made of raw iron and have no protective non-stick surface. They are handmade, so it may happen that the pans have aesthetic imperfections on the surface. These imperfections have no effect on the functionality of the pan. On the contrary, thanks to their natural properties, pans have better non-stick properties. They are made from 100% natural material that is eco-friendly and recyclable.

The pan is rusty or has unusual stains:

Rusting can occur on pans, but it can be easily removed and proper care will eliminate rust. Read about the care of these pans below. Often, customers fail to read the usage information, causing damage to the pans themselves (not burning the pan, not oiling it after each use or even putting it in the dishwasher). Claims may be rejected if the product is used incorrectly and if the manufacturer's instructions are not followed.


1. Unwrap the pan from its original packaging and sponge it with warm running water, carefully remove the wax from the outside of the pan to avoid contaminating the hob, then dry the pan thoroughly. Use cleaning products only sparingly and do not put it in the dishwasher!

2. Turn the hob/oven on to maximum power and place the pan on it. Pour 1-2 mm of oil into the pan and let it heat until the oil starts to SMOKE (rotate the pan during firing to get the oil on the inner sides of the pan. As soon as the bottom of the pan begins to darken in places, the burning is done.

3. Allow the pan to cool and wipe off any remaining oil with a paper towel to leave only a protective film and prevent rust.

4. The pan is ready to use.


Heat a small amount of fat in a frying pan and once the pan is the right temperature, sear the food for about 45 seconds on each side. Turn the heat down to finish cooking. Do not leave the food in the pan after cooking.

If you use induction: iron is a very reactive conductor of heat and its induction heating performance is exceptional. If you want to use an iron skillet on an induction cooker, please observe the following instructions:

  • use only mild temperatures!
  • do not use a very fast heat-up!
  • do not overheat the iron pan if it is empty!

These measures are essential for pans from 26 cm in diameter to avoid the risk of any deformation.


  • if food residue sticks to the pan after cooking, pour about 1-2 cm of water into the pan and let it boil, then you can remove the residue with a metal spatula
  • after cooking individual dishes, always wash the pan with a sponge under hot water, dry and lightly oil it (this will prevent rust)
  • store in a dry place (if you still get rust on the pan, remove it with a thicker layer of the side of a dish sponge and re-oil
  • Use cleaning agents only rarely and never put the pan in the dishwasher!
  • darkening to blackening of the pan is not a defect, on the contrary, it is a properly used pan that has the best natural non-stick properties! Don't try to change the colour of the pan!
  • the formation of a protective film (dark discoloration of the pan) depends on how often the pan is used
  • you can use any kitchen utensil on the iron pan

TIP: Once in a while, pour coarse table salt into the clean bottom of the pan and heat quickly for about 90 seconds. Afterwards, pour out the salt and wipe the pan with a paper towel (the salt helps to remove residues and odours from previous cooking). Then wipe the pan with a paper towel dipped in oil and place it in a dry place.


Never leave the pan in water, always dry it thoroughly. If food sticks to the pan and hot water is not enough, use a sponge with a little detergent as an exception. Never put it in the dishwasher. If you do not observe these conditions or if the pan is improperly stored, it may oxidize. To remedy this, simply clean the rusted areas with the rough side of a dish sponge and then oil the pan again. When cooking acidic foods (tomatoes, white wine, lemon, etc.), a change in the burn may occur (white spots appear). If this happens, the pan should be fired again. Don't be alarmed, the pan will gradually darken and its properties will improve.

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Warranty: 2 years
Weight: 3 kg
Material: Steel
Size: 40 cm
Product info: Suitable for induction cooker
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