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Bar measuring cup LOFT BAR, WMF
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Jiggers – a precise accessory for your cocktails

What are cocktail jiggers?

Cocktail jiggers are measuring tools used in bartending for the precise measurement and pouring of small quantities of liquid components into drinks. Usually, they are made of two little cones of various volumes connected together, one on each end.

In Kulina, you can find several cocktail measuring cups from renowned manufacturers like Rosendahl and WMF.

What is the difference between single jiggers and double jiggers?

The fundamental distinction between single and double jiggers is how they are designed and how they work. Both are bar equipment used for measuring and pouring liquid ingredients while making cocktails.

A single jigger is a simple, straight-sided measuring cup with just one chamber for liquid storage and dispensing. To assure exact pouring and measurement, it often features internal measurements on the walls.

A double jigger contains two compartments that have different sizes and can hold and measure various amounts of liquid. They are more practical than single jiggers because they let bartenders measure various volumes of liquid faster and without the need to switch instruments.

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Why is it important to use cocktail measuring cups?

It's crucial to use a cocktail jigger for many reasons:

Consistency – A jigger makes sure that each ingredient is added in the same quantity each time a drink is mixed. This is particularly crucial in bars and eateries where several bartenders can be making the same drink.

Precision – A jigger makes sure that every ingredient is metered correctly, eliminating over- or under-pouring. Both the flavour and strength of the drink depend on this.

Efficiency – By removing the need to eyeball measures or use measuring spoons, using a jigger can also help make the cocktail-making process faster.