Table knives

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Butter knife DRESSED 16 cm, silver, Alessi ALMW0337
Table knife MACHINE COLLECTION 23 cm, Seletti SLT10959
Table knife MAXIME, grey Blomus
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Table knife MAXIME, warm grey, Blomus
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Table knife STELLA, black, Blomus
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Table knife STELLA, silver, Blomus
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Table knife, golden, Bitz
Table knife, golden, Bitz
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Table knives – set your table with our big selection

What are table knives?

A table knife is a specific kind of cutlery made for chopping and eating meals at a table. They are a must-have for your kitchen or dining area and are used daily and on every occassion.

A table knife has a handle that is between 20 and 23 cm long and a blade with a pointed or rounded tip. Table knives come in a range of colours (polished or matt steel, gold, black) and with straight or serrated edges.

In Kulina, you can shop the finest table knives from renowned manufacturers such as Bitz, Blomus, WMF, and ZWILLING solo and in dining sets of cutlery. When choosing your knives make sure you also buy forks and spoons by the same manufacturer and from the same collection.

Moreover, table knives do not have to be boring! Check the knives by Seletti brand and expect the unexpected!

What is the difference between a table knife and a steak knife?

A table knife and a steak knife are primarily distinguished by their designs and intended uses.

A table knife is a multipurpose knife that can be used to cut and consume a wide range of meals at the table, including meat and vegetables. It normally has a long handle and a long, sharp blade with a pointed or rounded tip. Usually supplied in sets, table knives are intended to be used with table forks and spoons from the same collection.

On the other hand, a steak knife is made expressly for primary cutting steak and other foods at the table. It typically has a shorter and sharper blade than a regular table knife, and the blade is very often serrated to cut through steaks easily. Steak knives can be purchased alone or in sets, and they are often heavier and more sturdy than table knives.

And if you are looking for more ways of serving your food with design, you can also check our collection of serving cutlery and chopsticks.