Manual citrus fruit squeezers

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Citrus friut juicer DUO, Joseph Joseph JS80007
Citrus fruit press 13 cm, stainless steel, WMF WM0605806040
Citrus fruit press TOP TOOLS, WMF
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Citrus fruit squeezer CALLISTA, Blomus
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Citrus fruit squeezer GOOD GRIPS 350 ml, plastic, OXO OXO11263400
Citrus fruit squeezer, Eva Solo
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Citrus squeezer GRAND CRU 250 ml, black, Rosendahl RSD16084

Manual citrus fruit squeezers – a handy tool for juicing your fruits

What is a manual citrus juice squeezer?

A manual citrus juicer is a kitchen accessory used to efficiently squeeze lemons, oranges or limes without spilling juice all over your hands and the counter or having to single out the citrus seeds. You may quickly and simply obtain the juice you want for your favourite recipes or for a nutritious and energizing drink with a citrus press.

Do I lose nutrients when I use a juicer?

Yes, some of the nutrients found in whole fruit might be lost when you juice fruits. This is so because the pulp, which contains a lot of fibre and other nutrients, is often removed during the juicing process.

Juicing can provide a concentrated amount of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, but it also causes you to miss out on pulp's valuable fibre and other nutrients.

What can you juice in a citrus press?

Numerous citrus fruits, including lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruits, and tangerines, may be juiced using a citrus press. The manual citrus press functions by exerting pressure on the citrus fruit and separating the juice from the pulp and peel. If you need to squeeze many fruits or if you would like to drink fresh juice every morning you can also check our offer of electric juicers that are simpler to operate than manual squeezers.

Is a juicer or squeezer better?

Choosing between a squeezer and a juicer depends on the type of juice you desire. While a squeezer works well for citrus fruits like lemons and limes, a juicer is excellent for extracting juice from fruits and vegetables that have a lot of pulp.

In Kulina you will find many high-quality manual citrus fruit squeezers from renowned manufacturers like WMF, Joseph Joseph or Eva Solo are available on our website. These citrus fruit squeezers are available in a variety of styles manufactured from plastic, glass, or aluminium to meet your individual demands and preferences.