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Mezzaluna – a perfect tool for your herbs

What is a mezzaluna?

A mezzaluna (or a herb chopper) is a special type of knife with one or two curved blades and handles on both ends that are used to rock the tool back and forth while chopping the herbs. Mezzaluna is an Italian word that means "half-moon” which obviously refers to the shape of the cutter.

Although it is often used to mince garlic or herbs, it can also be used to cut other foods.

How does a mezzaluna work?

A mezzaluna is a type of cooking utensil that often has handles on both ends of a single or double-curved blade. Here's how it functions:

  • Put the food item to be chopped on a chopping board or another flat surface.
  • Hold the mezzaluna by the handles. The blade needs to be pointed downward.
  • Place the blade over the item and rock it back and forth. The mezzaluna's curved blade allows it to rock back and forth, which makes it simpler to rapidly and effectively mince and chop herbs, vegetables, and other ingredients.

What are the benefits of a mezzaluna?

Using a herb chopper has the following advantages:

  • Mincing and chopping: The mezzaluna is great for mincing and cutting herbs so if you don't really know how to cut herbs with a chef's knife it's a good alternative. You can use it together with mortar and pestle to make a tasty pesto or paste.
  • Time-saving: If handled properly, you can chop herbs with a herb chopper quicker than when using a knife
  • Safety: mezzaluna's handle ensures a firm grasp and great control over the task which makes it safer than a knife
  • Versatile use: Although mezzaluna is typically used for mincing herbs or garlic, it can be used for chopping other things such as cheese or meat, grinding spices if you don't have a spice mill at hand and even slicing pizza.