Pastry brushes

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Whisk 32 cm, green, silicone, Lékué
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Whisk PROFI PLUS 32 cm, stainless steel, WMF
Ball whisk PROFI PLUS 27 cm, silicone, WMF WM1873006030
Ball whisk PROFI PLUS 32 cm, WMF
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Pastry brush 18 cm, Eva Solo
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Pastry brush 22 cm, brown, silicone, Staub ST405031090
Pastry brush FUNCTIONAL FORM, silicone, Fiskars FISK1023614
Pastry brush GOOD GRIPS 20 cm, black, silicone, OXO OXO1071062
Pastry brush INGENIO K2072414, Tefal
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Pastry brush PRO, silicone, Zwilling
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Pastry brush PROFI PLUS, silicone, WMF
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Pastry brush, 19.5 x 3 cm, de Buyer
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Whisk GOMA 20 cm, de Buyer
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Whisk GOMA 35 cm, de Buyer
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Whisk GÖMA 40 cm, de Buyer
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Whisk GREEN TOOLS 28 cm, green, silicone, Eva Solo ES531544
Whisk INGENIO K1181714, stainless steel, Tefal TEFK1181714
Whisk INGENIO, Tefal
Whisk INGENIO, Tefal
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Pastry brushes – give your pastries that desired touch

What is a pastry brush?

A pastry brush is a kitchen utensil used to spread liquids such as egg yolk, melted butter, glazes and marinades and grease food. Pastry brushes are made with either a wood or plastic handle and their bristles are either natural or silicone (silicone brushes are probably the most popular ones).

At Kulina, we offer a wide selection of premium pastry brushes from many well-known manufacturers, including de Buyer, Zwilling, and WMF.

What can you use a pastry brush for?

Pastry brushes are used to brush beaten egg on tarts, pies or other pastries, seal the edges of ravioli or dumplings, . It can also be used to drizzle a cake with a sweet glaze or simple syrup (for frosting it's better to use an icing spatula).

You can also use it to brush turkey or other roasts or brush grilled meats with bbq sauce. For other tools required to make your barbecue, see our collection of bbq utensils.

A pastry brush can also be dipped in water and used to brush sugar crystals off the side of a saucepan when making homemade caramel or candy.

What are the types of pastry brushes?

There are many different types of pastry brushes available in Kulina:

  • Natural bristle brushes: natural bristles is more likely to create an even coating of melted butter or glaze without streaking., these brushes are composed of silicone or nylon. They are simple to maintain and heat-resistant. Wooden pastry brushes with natural bristle can't be washed in the dishwasher.
  • Silicone brushes: less expensive than natural bristle brushes, silicone pastry brushes has become increasingly popular in recent years. They are more durable and dishwasher-safe, simple to clean and don't hold on to aromas or odours.
  • Long-handled brushes: These brushes feature longer handles that make it simpler to reach inside the oven making them perfect for drizzling marinades, sauces or glazes over meats and pastries in the oven.