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Pot set FLOW, 5 pcs, Zwilling
326 €
Pot set MODERN, 4 pcs, Zwilling
362 €
Salt and pepper mill set SPICES, steel, Zwilling ZW39500025
Tea glass SORRENTO, set of 2, 240 ml, Zwilling ZW39500077
Vacuum sealing set FRESH & SAVE, 7 pcs, Zwilling ZW368070070
18 cm Saucepan TWIN CLASSIC 18 cm, Zwilling ZW40915180
Asparagus pot TWIN SPECIALS 16 cm, 4,5 l, Zwilling ZW40990005
Baking spatula PRO, Zwilling
26,49 €
Beard scissors BT TWINOX M, Zwilling ZW47203401
Beauty tweezers BT TWINOX GOLD EDITION, Zwilling ZW78280101
Beauty tweezers BT TWINOX M, Zwilling ZW47206401
Beauty tweezers CLASSIC INOX, slanted, Zwilling ZW78130101
Beauty tweezers CLASSIC INOX, straight, Zwilling ZW78132101
Beauty tweezers CLASSIC INOX, Zwilling ZW78131101
Beauty tweezers TWINOX 9 cm, pointed, Zwilling ZW78147101
Beauty tweezers TWINOX 9 cm, straight, Zwilling ZW78145101
Beauty tweezers TWINOX 9 cm, Zwilling ZW78148101
Beer glass SORRENTO 410 ml, set of 2 pcs, Zwilling ZW39500214
Blackhead remover BT TWINOX, Zwilling
22,99 €
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