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Grappa is a spirit made by distilling fermented red wine grape marc and additional fermentation of white wine marc.

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Grappa is a spirit made by distilling fermented red wine grape marc and additional fermentation of white wine marc.

From 100 kg of matoline, a total of about 7-9 l of matoline brandy with 50 % alcohol can be obtained.

The quality of the spirit depends on the nature of the matolins and the distillation technique. The matolins must be stored very carefully until they are processed to prevent them from turning brown, mouldy or rotting.

With long storage (2 years or more), the quality of matolin increases significantly, its taste becomes milder and softer, its aroma becomes more floral, it acquires an oily consistency and a slight yellowish colour. In France this spirit is called marc, in Italy grappa.

Drinking grappa, usually with a harsh "spirit" character, becomes a real enjoyment of the aroma (autumn meadows) in a Grappa Sommeliers glass, with a fruity and harmoniously balanced taste.

Grappa Sommeliers Riedel glasses are recommended for:

  • grappa
  • marc
  • matoline brandy


Claus Riedel introduced the first series of glasses for connoisseurs in 1973 in Orvieto in collaboration with the Italian Sommeliers Association A.I.S. (Associazione Italiana Sommeliers). The series includes 10 different sizes.

From this moment on, the world of wine has changed fundamentally.

In different regions and on different continents, wines are produced today that did not exist or were completely unknown at the time. Therefore, the development of the Sommeliers series was continued by his son George Riedel until the Sommeliers became an extensive "vitrum-vinoteque" at the highest level of technical development.

In 1991 Robert Parker, editor of Wine Advocate magazine wrote: "The best glasses, both from a technical point of view and from the point of view of maximum enjoyment, are those made by Riedel. The effect that these glasses give to fine wine is truly extraordinary. I can't express enough how much of a difference it makes."

Thanks to worldwide demand, the Sommeliers series is now the absolute top wine glass series and the most successful hand-blown wine glass series in the world. Each glass is made separately: the top is blown in a mould, the stem and base are shaped by hand according to production methods developed in the early 1900s.

The glassmakers use their talents, their skills and care for details are essential to give the Sommeliers series the craftsmanship customers expect. Sommeliers are made of glass with more than 24% lead content.

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