Tissues box holders

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Tissue box holders – elevate your bathroom and home decor

What are tissue box holders?

Although tissue papers are an integral part of our lives and are often strewn everywhere in every home, we hardly ever think about organising them properly with a proper tissue box holder that not only keeps your tissues in one place but also improves the look of your home. Everything is better than an ugly paper box clashing with your bathroom or living room decor, right?.

A tissue box holder is a useful and fashionable addition that can enhance your beauty routine but is just one of the numerous cosmetic accessories available on Kulina. You will also find here boxes for wet tissues and paper towel dispensers. You can complete your collection of bathroom organisers with our cotton pads holders, cotton swab holders, and baskets & boxes.

What is the purpose of tissue box holders?

A tissue box holder is an aesthetic item designed for holding a box of tissues. Some of a tissue box holder's primary functions are as follows:

  • Decorative: You can use tissue box holders as decorative objects to improve the appearance of a space. Every style and décor can be matched because of the variety of styles, and materials available.
  • Protection: Tissue box holders can aid in preventing dust, spillage, and damage to tissue papers. This can help in preserving the cleanliness and usability of tissues for a longer time.
  • Organisation: To avoid tissues from becoming misplaced or strewn about a room, tissue box holders can be a handy solution to keep tissues tidy and organised.
  • Convenience: Using a tissue box holder can be more practical than just setting a box of tissues on a desk or counter. They can be put in an accessible location for simple access.
  • Hygiene: Tissue box holders can help in the promotion of good hygiene by keeping tissues from contacting unclean or contaminated surfaces. This can help in limiting the transmission of bacteria and germs.

What are the types of materials used in making tissue box holders?

Tissue box holders are available at Kulina in a range of materials, each with its own distinctive structures and styles. All our items are made of plastic or stainless steel and are made by reputable manufacturers like Alessi and Blomus.

  • Plastic: Tissue box holders made of plastic are lightweight, inexpensive, and robust. They are easy to clean and available in a variety of designs.
  • Stainless Steel: Tissue box holders made of stainless steel are stylish and contemporary and offer a high level of durability and resistance to corrosion. They are a common choice for modern home décor and are often used in commercial settings like hotels or restaurants.