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Whisky glasses – for a classy sip of your whisky

What is a whisky glass and why should you have a set of whisky glasses?

A whisky glass is a special kind of glassware used for serving whisky, bourbon, or other similar spirits. Whiskey glasses exist in a range of sizes, shapes, and designs, each with special advantages and characteristics. They are often used for serving cocktails like the Old Fashioned or Manhattan so if you are a fan of whisky or if your friends like to drink whisky on the rock, make sure you have a nice set of whisky glasses in your home bar.

What type of glass is best for whiskey?

The ideal whisky glass will depend on the type of whisky being served as well as personal preferences. The ideal whisky glass is one that enables you to enjoy the whiskey's colour, fragrance, and flavour.

With the extensive collection on our website, you can find a glass that precisely matches your taste. Our whisky glasses are crafted by reputable companies like Liiton - a brand that specialises in glasses that not only make drinking whisky a pleasure but that also make it possible to chill your whisky without ice in seconds. Our sets of whisky glasses are also great presents for him - your husband, brother, father or friend.

Is there a difference between Scotch and whiskey glasses? What are the types of whisky glasses?

In general, Scotch is a type of whisky produced in Scotland, whereas whisky is a more inclusive term for distilled spirits that encompasses a wide range of styles and varieties.

When it comes to glasses, there are many multiple kinds of glasses that are specially designed for whisky and Scotch, with each kind of glass having its own unique shape and style. Typical types of whisky and Scotch glasses include are:

Tumbler glass: This is a short, broad glass that has plenty of capacity for ice and is often used to serve whisky and other spirits on the rocks.

Old fashioned glass: This lowball-style glass is often used to serve whisky and other alcoholic drinks plain or with a tiny bit of ice.

Glencairn glass: This is a type of whisky glass that is designed primarily for Scotch, with a tulip-shaped bowl that allows the aromas of the Scotch to be concentrated and enhanced.

Copita Glass: This is a kind of glass with a tulip-shaped bowl that resembles a Glencairn glass but is smaller and more slender.

Snifter glass: This kind of glass has a broad bowl that enables swirling and aerating of the spirit to improve its scents and tastes. It is often used for serving brandy but it can also be used for whiskey and Scotch.

Certain glasses could accentuate the tastes and fragrances of the spirit, while others might be better used for serving with ice or drinks. Check our cube moulds, ice buckets and bartender tools to be prepared for all orders your guests may have.