Christmas table in blue and grey

vánoční stůl


Winter elegance

Blue is the traditional color of winter. Although it symbolizes cold, frost and snow, it can conjure up a very pleasant atmosphere in an interior, especially when combined with a palette of gray and white colors. It is bright, fresh and goes well with warm and cold artificial lighting and candle flames.

On a neutral gray background, you can play with various shades of blue - blue tableware or just an accent in the form of a dessert plate, gray-blue glasses or napkins.

Create a table decoration with blue Christmas balls or combine blue and gray in a table setting. Blue curtains, candles or a Christmas tree with decorations in shades of blue will look great and create a cozy atmosphere of winter joy.


With a hint of luxury

By adding a few accents in gold or silver, you will add a truly festive and luxurious character to the combination of grey and blue. Think about gold or silver decorations, cutlery or Christmas tree ornaments.

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Breakfast plate white White Cumulus CARACTERE REVOL RV652845
Dessert plate O 21,5 cm sky blue Equinox REVOL
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Dessert plate white White Cumulus CARACTERE REVOL RV652798
Dinner plate GOURMET white White Cumulus CARACTERE REVOL RV652743
Glass coaster set of 6 pieces Loft Bar WMF
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Glass Viognier/Chardonnay Veritas Riedel
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Glasses Port Vinum Riedel
Glasses Port Vinum Riedel
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Set of glasses for white wine Easy Plus WMF
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Shallow plate Equinoxe Revol blue 24 cm
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Shallow plate Equinoxe Revol blue 26 cm
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Water carafe with golden lid Basic 1,0 l WMF
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Whisky glass Aqua Highland Nachtmann
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Whisky glass Aquamarine Traube Nachtmann
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Whisky glasses Cobalt Blue Traube Nachtmann
180 €
Wine glasses Riedel Winewings Sauvignon Blanc
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