Nature-inspired Christmas table

vánoční stůl


Cold days, warm home

Scandinavians are masters in creating cosy interiors. It's not surprising when you think of the fact that most of the year it's cold and dark when they look outside the window...

The Hygge style combines a relaxed approach to life, comfortable living and the art of seeing beauty in every moment and detail. The Scandinavian style in interior design is minimalist and makes extensive use of neutral, natural shades of white, beige and grey. But that doesn't mean a cold home at all. It is the basis thanks to which accessories and simple decorations can stand out and show their beauty. Like all things found in nature, at any time of the year.

For decorating your winter table use rosehips, holly, pine needles, and even apples or nuts that you can arrange on a straight-set table. Add a golden or copper candlestick, light the candles and you can be sure that your natural table will create a magical Christmas atmosphere with the scent of the forest.

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Cloth napkin LINEO 42 x 42 cm, sand, linen, Blomus BM63729
Deep plate LEGIO NOVA 25 cm, Eva Solo
26 €
Dining cutlery set, 16 pcs, golden, Bitz BITZ130120
Dinner plate LEGIO NOVA 25 cm, Eva Solo ES887225
Etagere LEGIO NOVA 29 cm, Eva Solo
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Champagne glass 200 ml Eva Solo
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Champagne glass 200 ml, Eva Solo
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Red wine glass 390 ml, Eva Solo
33 €
Salad bowl LEGIO NOVA 1,8 l, white, Eva Solo ES887285
Salad bowl LEGIO NOVA IN 1,2 l, Eva Solo
49,95 €
Serving platter LEGIO NOVA 35 cm, Eva Solo ES887262
Soup plate LEGIO NOVA 22 cm, white, Eva Solo ES887223
Water glass 380 ml, Eva Solo
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Water glass 480 ml, Eva Solo
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Water jug LEGIO NOVA 1 l, porcelain, Eva Solo ES886262
Water jug LEGIO NOVA, 1,6 l, Eva Solo
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White wine glass 300 ml, Eva Solo
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