Kitchen tongs

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Cooking tweezers 40 cm, olive wood, Continenta CONT4941
Fish bone tweezers 16 cm, F.Dick
22,60 €
Kitchen tongs 24 cm, stainless steel, de Buyer DB478824N
Kitchen tongs 32 cm, black, Rosendahl
32,95 €
Kitchen tongs ELEVATE, Joseph Joseph
23,60 €
Kitchen tongs INGENIO, Tefal
14,49 €
Kitchen tongs TURNER THONGS, Joseph Joseph JS10142
Kitchen tweezers 16 cm, de Buyer
12 €
Kitchen tweezers 16 cm, de Buyer
11,90 €
Kitchen tweezers 20 cm, de Buyer
22,90 €
Kitchen tweezers 21 cm, black, Dellinger
12,49 €
Kitchen tweezers 25 cm, F.Dick
45 €
Kitchen tweezers 25,5 cm, de Buyer
15,90 €
Kitchen tweezers 30 cm, blue, Dellinger
16,49 €
Kitchen tweezers 30 cm, camouflage motif, Dellinger DNGRSXLPPMX82
Kitchen tweezers 30 cm, de Buyer
25,35 € –9 %
22,90 €
Kitchen tweezers 30 cm, flower motif, Dellinger DNGRSXLPPMX84
Kitchen tweezers 30 cm, leopard, Dellinger DNGRSXLPPMX86
Kitchen tweezers 30 cm, titan, Dellinger
16,49 €
Salad tongs FUNCTIONAL FORM, Fiskars
11,90 €
Serving tongs DINNER, Zwilling
9,19 €
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Kitchen tongs – a versatile tool for different culinary tasks

What is the use of kitchen tongs?

Kitchen tongs are tools for picking up, flipping or transferring food from the pan or grill to the plate. The handles are used to push the two tongs together, applying pressure that will grip onto an object.

What are the types of kitchen tongs?

Tongs are designed to keep hands safe from heat and away from food when serving and cooking. There are several types of tongs that reflect their possible uses, some of which are listed below.

  1. Salad Tongs: Traditionally, salads are mixed and served with a salad spoon and a spork. However, another way to serve the salad on plates is to use salad tongs which are particularly useful if your salad consists of... salad mainly. They look great during garden BBQ.
  2. Pasta Tongs: Pasta tongs, often known as spaghetti tongs, have long, tooth-like ends that make it simple to grasp, toss, and plate sticky noodles. You can put them at your pasta buffet so that guests can effortlessly serve themselves substantial servings of any pasta variety. Another common use of pasta tongs is to easily toss and serve salads.
  3. Plating Tweezers: Plating tweezers, also known as precision tongs, are tongs with a tweezer-like design that are used for precisely plating delicate garnishes and meals. They have either straight, curved, or offset ends made of stainless steel to provide users more control over delicate meals and tricky angles.
  4. Utility Tongs: Utility tongs are all-purpose tongs that can be used as serving tongs at your buffet line or salad bar or as cooking tongs in the kitchen. With these tongs, you can easily handle vegetables like asparagus, turn meats on the burner, and remove meals from the deep fryer.
  5. BBQ Tongs: Barbecue tongs have longer reins to shield users from the grill's hot flames while grasping and flipping meats, fish, and vegetables. While the handles are often coated in a non-heat-conducting material to protect a user's hands, the arms are typically made of stainless steel to endure the intense heat of grills and smokers. You can also check out more bbq tools that we have in our offer.

In Kulina you will find a large selection of different styles of kitchen tongs from recognised brands like de Buyer, Dellinger, and WMF at Kulina shops. You can also check out our offer of other serving cutlery and kitchen turners.