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Burger turner 38 cm, Rösle
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Grill spatula CHURRASCO 48 cm, Tramontina
Grill turner 43 cm, Outdoorchef
31 €
Grill turner 46 cm, Rösle
41 €
Icing spatula GOURMET 25 cm, Wüsthof
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Kitchen spatula GOURMET 12 cm, perforated, WMF WU9035092212
Kitchen spatula PROFI PLUS 32 cm, perforated, WMF
Kitchen turner 31 cm, WMF
Kitchen turner 31 cm, WMF
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Kitchen turner 32 cm, for wok, wood, Continenta CONT4932
Kitchen turner B BOIS, de Buyer
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Kitchen turner B BOIS, wood, de Buyer
7,90 €
Kitchen turner EVA TRIO, nylon, Eva Solo
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Kitchen turners – a convenient way to handle your hot food

What is a turner and what is it used for in the kitchen?

A turner is a kitchen utensil that is used for flipping, turning, or lifting food items such as pancakes, eggs, burgers, and fish. Turners are essential tools in any kitchen and are commonly used for a variety of cooking techniques such as sautéing, grilling, and frying.

A turner is regarded as a particular type of kitchen spatula. It can be used for serving food, such as when transferring baked goods from a cooking pan or a crepe pan to a serving dish.

What is the difference between a spatula and a turner?

The terms "spatula" and "turner" are sometimes used interchangeably. However, there are several technical distinctions between the two, some of which are emphasised below:

Heat resistance: Turners and spatulas can both withstand high temperatures, although turners are considerably more likely to be specifically made for that. The main use of a metal turner is to turn food over heated surfaces. Turners are better suited especially for cooking, whereas spatulas can be used both for baking and cooking.

Material: Silicone or rubber spatulas are popular, whereas turners are more frequently made of metal or stainless steel. Steel and other types of metal have stronger heat resistance, which is advantageous to turners. However, if you need to use a turner with a non-stick pan or a surface that is not scratch resistant, you should use a turner or spatula made of wood, plastic or silicone.

Surface: Spatulas have a variety of robust surfaces, which is indicative of the wide range of functions they can perform. They are often used to coax batters and doughs from bowls and mix ingredients. They might be entirely flat or they could have a higher notch where the handle attaches. Turners, on the other hand, usually always have a flat surface since it best supports their primary objective–getting beneath something and flipping it over.

We take pleasure in hand-picking only the best products for our clients at Kulina, which is why our kitchen turners come from reputable manufacturers like de Buyer, WMF, and Wusthof. And if you need more kitchen utensils, check our category of kitchen utensils sets for a more unified look of your kitchen.