Mixing spoons

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Mixing spoon 30 cm, pointed, wood, Continenta CONT4922
Mixing spoon 30 cm, wood, Continenta CONT4921
Mixing spoon B BOIS 20 cm, de Buyer
7,90 €
Mixing spoon B BOIS 30 cm, wood, de Buyer DB487130
Mixing spoon B BOIS 40 cm, de Buyer DB487140
Mixing spoon B BOIS, wood, de Buyer
7 €
Mixing spoon DUP, Joseph Joseph
15 €
Mixing spoon ELEVATE, steel, Joseph Joseph JS10164
Mixing spoon EVA TRIO 27 cm, nylon, Eva Solo ES118601
Mixing spoon PROFILE 33 cm, wood, Brabantia BRAB260582
Mixing spoon RÅ 30 cm, dark brown, Rosendahl RSD23111
Perforated spoon DUO, Joseph Joseph
15 €
Perforated spoon ELEVATE STEEL, Joseph Joseph JS10165
Risotto spoon B BOIS, wood, de Buyer DB487401
Risotto spoon PROFILE 31 cm, Brabantia BRAB260605
Whisk RÅ 29 cm, dark brown, Rosendahl
29,95 €

Mixing Spoons – mix your food well and easily

What are mixing spoons?

The purpose of mixing spoons in the kitchen is to stir and mix ingredients. Using a kitchen mixing spoon makes meal preparation and cooking simpler. A mixing spoon is all you need, whether you want to use it to mix ingredients for baking or cooking or to scrape the saucepan clean after making dinner.

Mixing spoons are flexible and available in a variety of sizes and shapes to meet various culinary requirements, and they are often simple to clean and maintain.

What kind of spoon should you buy to mix and stir your ingredients?

The sort of dish you are making, and the ingredients being mixed significantly influence the type of mixing spoon to use. When a recipe calls for vigorous mixing and stirring, especially when the mixture is thick and heavy, a sturdy wooden mixing spoon would be advised. If you want to mix cooked vegetables you can use a silicone or plastic mixing spoon. For sensitive salad leaves and other greens and herbs, a set of salad spoons would be the best.

What spoon is best for mixing cookie dough?

If you don't have a stand mixer and you want to prepare dough for your favourite cookies, you will need a kitchen bowl, hand mixer, and either a wooden or silicone mixing spoon are required to thoroughly mix the cookie dough and incorporate air into it. It's usually better to use a strong spoon when mixing cookie batter. Both a wooden and a silicone spoon are reliable choices that can manage the thickness of a dough.

The size of the spoon should also be taken into consideration. While a smaller spoon could be easier to use for mixing smaller quantities of dough, a larger spoon might be more efficient for mixing larger quantities.

You can also browse our collection of kitchen utensils sets to get a set of all equipment required to make not only the cookie dough but also to perform all culinary tasks.

At Kulina Store, we have a large selection of mixing spoons from top brands like de Buyer, Joseph Joseph or Brabantia. These mixing spoons come in different sizes, patterns, and materials. Some of them have holes in their bowls, some have holes in their handles for hanging them on a utensil rack, some are perforated and others are designed in a way to keep your worktops clean. We are sure you will find something that will match your needs.

Other types of spoons offered in Kulina are kitchen ladles and slotted spoons.