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Tea filter bags – an easy and direct way to brew loose tea

What are tea filter bags?

Tea filter bags are tiny, disposable containers used to hold loose tea for steeping in hot water. They are composed of filter paper, silk, or mesh. They provide a quick and simple alternative to using a tea infuser or strainer to create a single cup of tea.

A tea filter bag can be used by simply stuffing it with the necessary amount of loose tea leaves and setting it in a mug or teapot. After that, add boiling water to the bag and let it soak for however long you choose. Just take out the bag and throw it away once the tea has been made.

Tea filter bags offer a quick and easy alternative to traditional steeping methods for enjoying loose leaf tea. At Kulina store, we have tea filter bag from renowned brand such as Viva Scandinavia.

What is the difference between loose leaf tea and tea bags?

Tea bags contain smaller, lower-quality tea leaves that are sometimes referred to as "fannings" or "dust," while loose leaf tea is created from entire tea leaves or sizable bits of broken leaves.

When compared to tea bags, loose leaf tea often has a higher quality flavour and scent since it is manufactured from bigger, whole tea leaves. This is so that the tea's tastes and essential oils can fully infuse during brewing since the bigger leaves have more space to spread.

On the other hand, tea bags are often filled with smaller tea particles, which might result in a flavour that is milder and more predictable. Moreover, some tea bags have flavourings or chemicals that can change the flavour of the tea.

The convenience factor is another distinction between loose leaf tea and tea bags. While loose leaf tea takes a little extra preparation, such as weighing the tea and using a filter or infuser, tea bags are already measured and ready to use.

Using tea filter bags is a nice alternative. you can fill them up with a premium quality tea, enjoy the taste and simply throw them away.

Can you reuse tea filters?

Reusing disposable tea filters made of paper or other similar materials is not advised since they could weaken and change the taste of the tea. Reusable filters, on the other hand, can be cleaned and reused if they are composed of washable materials.

It's crucial to remember that tea flavour may change if a filter is reused, and lingering flavours from the initial usage may transfer to subsequent uses.

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