Tea measures & scoops

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Tea measures and scoops – preparing tea couldn't be easier or more precise

What are tea measures and scoops?

Tea measures are little, spoon-like tools used to precisely measure out a certain amount of tea. They can be fixed in size, such as teaspoons or they can be adjusted to measure out varied amounts of tea as desired.

Tea measures and scoops are measurements and dispensing instruments for loose-leaf tea. These are designed to help you in achieving regular and exact tea measures, ensuring that you use the correct quantity of tea for a great brew.

Tea scoops, like tea measurements, are used for pouring loose-leaf tea. They are, however, bigger than tea measures and have a wider, shallower bowl. This helps you to scoop up more tea at one time.

What's the difference between a tea scoop and a teaspoon?

A tea scoop and a teaspoon are both used to measure tea, although they are designed and function differently.

The tea scoop is a tiny, elongated spoon used to scoop tea leaves from a container into a teapot or tea infuser. It is widely used in traditional tea ceremonies and is meant to carry a particular amount of tea, which varies based on the size of the scoop.

On the other hand, the teaspoon is a common kitchen utensil used to measure small amounts of ingredients such as tea. It is intended to carry a certain amount of liquid or dry components, often 5 millilitres. A teaspoon, unlike a tea scoop, can be used for mixing, stirring, and serving tea.

In summary, a tea scoop is a specialised tool for measuring tea leaves, whereas a teaspoon is a more basic culinary equipment used to measure a range of things, including tea.

What are hourglass tea makers?

A tea hourglass timer is a type of tea measure that gives your tea the right strength. Depending on your preference and the type of tea you are making, you can either choose the 2 minutes for a light tea, the 3 minutes for medium tea, or the 5 minutes for strong tea.

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