Tart & tartlets pans

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Cake cutters, set of 9 pcs, circular, de Buyer DB332300N
Oven dish LEGIO 24 cm, Eva Solo
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Pie pan 14 cm, steel, de Buyer
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Tart pan 15 x 36 cm, burgundy red, Emile Henry EH346034
Tart pan 20 x 10 cm, rectangular, de Buyer DB470820
Tart pan 24 cm, de Buyer
Tart pan 24 cm, de Buyer
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Tart pan 24 cm, with removable bottom, de Buyer DB535724
Tart pan 28 cm, de Buyer
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Tart pan 28 cm, de Buyer
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Tart pan 28 cm, red burgundy, Emile Henry EH346028
Tart pan 32 cm, de Buyer
Tart pan 32 cm, de Buyer
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Tart pan 9 cm, steel, de Buyer
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Tart pan CRISPYBAKE J4170814 28 cm, Tefal
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Tart pan DELIBAKE J1641574 28 cm, Tefal
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Tart pan FRENCH CLASSICS 12,5 cm, REVOL RV612426
Tartlet mould 11 cm, de Buyer
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Tart & Tartlets pans - expand your home menu

What are tart and tartlets pans?

A tart pan is a shallow, round baking dish that is most frequently used to prepare tarts (sweet or sour), tart shells, pies and quiches. Tartlets are simply mini-tarts and you may want to buy tartlets pans if you want to prepare some snacks for a party or banquet. When choosing a tart ring or mould for you take into consideration its diameter and the number of people in your family.

Some of the tart pans offered in Kulina have a removable base but a one-piece tart pan may be better for you if you prepare tarts with a liquid filling.

In Kulina you will find a wide selection of tart and tartlet pans in different diameters and shapes - from the most traditional - round ones, to rectangular or square pans. We offer high-quality perforated tart rings made from steel or ceramic tart dishes. Go for steel round tart mould from de Buyer or choose a real eye-catcher - a red ceramic tart dish by Emile Henry.

Do I need to grease my tart pan?

In most cases, there is no need to grease your tart tin before you line it with pastry. Why? The high butter content in the pastry will naturally stop it from sticking to the bottom of the pan. However, especially if you have a one-piece tart pan or tart dish, you can use some butter to grease your pan. It will make it easier for you to take out the tart from the dish. If your tart pan has fluted edges, make sure you grease them evenly.

Baking beans - a nice addition to your tart pan

Baking beans are little balls made from heat-conducting ceramic that weigh down the pastry and help it bake from the top. How do you use them? Baking beans are used in "blind" baking - it involves lining the uncooked pastry with either baking parchment (parchment paper) or foil and then filling it with weights - baking beans. They keep the pastry in shape as it cooks and prevent the base from puffing up.

If you love baking, make sure you check our offer of baking accessories and baking pans. Ps. Do you know that you can also bake tartlets in muffin pans? Check them out!